Continuous function blocks such as Derivative and Integrator


IntegratorIntegrate signal
DerivativeOutput time derivative of input
Integrator LimitedIntegrate signal
PID ControllerContinuous-time or discrete-time PID controller
PID Controller (2DOF)Continuous-time or discrete-time two-degree-of-freedom PID controller
Second-Order IntegratorIntegrate input signal twice
Second-Order Integrator LimitedIntegrate input signal twice
Descriptor State-SpaceModel linear implicit systems
State-SpaceImplement linear state-space system
Transfer FcnModel linear system by transfer function
Transport DelayDelay input by given amount of time
Variable Time DelayDelay input by variable amount of time
Variable Transport DelayDelay input by variable amount of time
Zero-PoleModel system by zero-pole-gain transfer function


Model a Continuous System

Model a system with variables defined at all time values.