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Data Definition

How defining data in MATLAB Function blocks differs from defining data for MATLAB® code

MATLAB variables can change their properties at run-time. The same variable can hold a value of any class, size, or complexity.

The MATLAB Function block must determine variable types at compile-time. Control how data is represented and how memory is allocated by how you design your MATLAB Function block code. Follow the described guidelines to allow the block to determine the types of variables when compiling the block or generating code from the block.


  • Numeric Types
    Numeric type data and variables in MATLAB Function blocks
  • Array Layout
    Column-major and row-major order for array storage
  • Characters and Strings
    Code generation for text
  • Variable-Size Data
    Definition and differences for code generation
  • Structures
    Definition and supported structure operations
  • Cell Arrays
    Definition and use of cell arrays, differences for code generation
  • Tables
    Definition and use of tables for MATLAB Function blocks
  • Categorical Arrays
    Definition and use of categorical arrays for MATLAB Function blocks
  • Datetime Arrays
    Definition and use of datetime arrays for MATLAB Function blocks
  • Duration Arrays
    Definition and use of duration arrays for MATLAB Function blocks
  • Timetables
    Definition and use of timetables for MATLAB Function blocks
  • Enumerations
    Definition and use of enumerated data for MATLAB Function blocks
  • MATLAB Classes
    Definition and use of MATLAB classes, differences for code generation
  • Function Handles
    Code Generation for function handles