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Simulink.Mask.EnumerationTypeOptions class

Parse information from enumeration file derived from Simulink.IntEnumType and Simulink.Mask.EnumerationBase

Since R2021a


Create an instance of Simulink.Mask.EnumerationTypeOptions to parse the information from the enumeration file into the object.


enumObj =Simulink.Mask.EnumerationTypeOptions('ExternalEnumerationClass', 'XFactor')


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Public Properties

This property holds the name of the enumeration class file.

Data Types: char

This property holds the member name, display name, and numeric value specified in the enumeration file.

Data Types: Simulink.Mask.EnumerationMember


Display the properties of the enumeration members

>> obj = Simulink.Mask.EnumerationTypeOptions
('ExternalEnumerationClass', 'XFactor') 
obj = 
    EnumerationTypeOptions with properties: 

ExternalEnumerationClass: 'XFactor'
      EnumerationMembers: [1x3 Simulink.Mask.EnumerationMember] 
>> obj.EnumerationMembers(1) 
ans = 
  EnumerationMember with properties: 
       MemberName: 'alpha' 
  DescriptiveName: 'alpha (.001)' 
            Value: 1.0000e-03 


The properties are read only. You can modify the enumeration file to change the properties of the enumeration members .

Version History

Introduced in R2021a