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Change signal grouping hierarchy in Inspect pane


Simulink.sdi.setTableGrouping removes grouping for signals in the Simulation Data Inspector.


Simulink.sdi.setTableGrouping(group,group1,...,groupN) groups signals in the Simulation Data Inspector according to one or more specified options. Signal grouping is the same on the Inspect and Compare panes. You can group signals by any combination of domain, physical system hierarchy, data hierarchy, and model hierarchy.


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To help organize and find signals in the Simulation Data Inspector, you can group the signals. For example, you could group signals according to their location within a model hierarchy and then by data hierarchy.


Input Arguments

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Signal grouping, specified as one or more of these values:

  • Domain — Group signals by domain.

  • DataHierarchy — Group signals according to data hierarchy, such as the hierarchy for a bus.

  • SubSystems — Group signals according to their location within the model hierarchy.

  • PhysmodHierarchy — Group signals according to the Simscape™ hierarchy. This option is only available when you have a Simscape license.

You can specify up to three grouping options unless you have a Simscape license, in which case you can specify up to four.

By default, the Simulation Data Inspector groups signals by domain, then by physical system hierarchy (if you have a Simscape license), and then by data hierarchy.

Version History

Introduced in R2016a