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View Model Advisor run results for checks




view(CheckResultObj) opens a web browser and displays the results of the check specified by CheckResultObj. CheckResultObj is a ModelAdvisor.CheckResult object returned by

Input Arguments


ModelAdvisor.CheckResult object which is a part of a ModelAdvisor.SystemResult object returned by


View the Model Advisor run results for the first check in the slvnvdemo_mdladv_config configuration file:

% Identify Model Advisor configuration file.
% Create list of models to run.
fileName = 'slvnvdemo_mdladv_config.mat';
SysList={'sldemo_auto_climatecontrol/Heater Control',...
    'sldemo_auto_climatecontrol/AC Control'};

% Run the Model Advisor.
SysResultObjArray =,'Configuration',fileName);

% View the 'Identify unconnected...' check result.

Introduced in R2010b