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Coverage report options

Display options for coverage report

Model Configuration Pane: Coverage


The Coverage report options parameter specifies the formatting of the HTML coverage report.


You can also format a report by using the Coverage Results Explorer. For more information, see Report from Results Explorer.


To enable this parameter, select the Enable coverage analysis parameter.


'' (default) | character vector | string

Enter a space-separated list of flags. The available flags are:

  • '-sRT=0' — Do not open the generated report.

  • '-sVT=1' — Open a web view of the report in a browser. See Export Model Coverage Web View.

  • '-aTS=1' — Show each test in the model summary.

  • '-bRG=1' — Show bar graphs in the model summary.

  • '-bTC=1' — Use two-color red and blue bar graphs.

  • '-hTR=1' — Display the hit-to-count ratio in the model summary.

  • '-nFC=0' — Do not report fully covered model objects.

  • '-nFD=0' — Exclude fully covered model object details from the report.

  • '-scm=1' — Include cyclomatic complexity numbers in the summary. See Cyclomatic Complexity.

  • '-bcm=1' — Include cyclomatic complexity numbers in the block details.

  • '-xEv=0' — Filter Stateflow® events from the report.

  • '-agT=1' — Show aggregated tests information in the coverage report.

  • '-xEM=1' — Filter execution metric from the coverage report.

  • '-req=1' — Include linked requirements in the coverage report.

Programmatic Use

Parameter: CovHTMLOptions
Type: character vector | string
Value: Character vector or string with a space-separated list of flags. For example, to open the coverage report in a browser and suppress fully covered model objects from the report, enter set_param(modelName,'CovHTMLOptions','-sVT=1 -nFC=0').
Default: ''

Version History

Introduced before R2006a