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(To be removed) Update model containing Signal Constraint block


    sdoupdate(modelName) replaces Signal Constraint blocks in the specified Simulink® model with equivalent blocks from the Signal Constraints library and generate prompt about updating the corresponding response optimization project.

    sdoupdate(modelName,noPrompt) updates the corresponding response optimization project without prompting you.

    session = sdoupdate(___) returns a Response Optimizer session associated with the specified model.

    Input Arguments

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    Simulink model name, specified as a character vector.

    Option to hide project update prompt, returned as a logical value.

    Output Arguments

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    Response Optimizer session name, returned as a character vector.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2011b

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    R2023b: To be removed

    sdoupdate will be removed. To update models that contain a Signal Constraint block, manually replace the block with one of the following check blocks.