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Clear data from children of real-time instrument object

Since R2020b



clearScalarAndLineData(instrument_object) clears data from a real-time instrument object. For each scalar and axes control connected through connectLine or connectScalar, the clearScalarAndLineData function clears the UI control data. In a gauge for example, the Value field is reset and the needle points to 0. On axes for example, the line data is cleared and the axes are empty.


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Select real-time application file. Create instrument object. Clear data from instrument object.

mldatxfile = 'slrt_ex_pendulum_100Hz.mldatx';
hInst = slrealtime.Instrument(mldatxfile);
% . . . hInst streams data

Input Arguments

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To create the instrument object, use the Instrument function.

Example: hInst

Version History

Introduced in R2020b