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Parameter Tuning with MATLAB

Tunable block and global parameter updating, parameter sweeps, extreme value tests

Query and modify tunable block and global parameters with MATLAB® in your real-time application as it is running. Perform parameter sweeps and extreme value tests.


ApplicationRepresent application files on development computer
InstrumentCreate real-time instrument object
slrealtime.instrument.LineStyleCreate real-time instrument LineStyle object
ParameterSetReal-time application parameter set
TargetRepresent real-time application and target computer status
StimulationTarget computer model root inport stimulator object


slrealtimeInterface for managing target computer
deleteDeletes a ParameterSet object
explorerOpen Parameter Explorer and view Parameter Set
exportParamSetWrite ParameterSet object data to parameter set file
exportToModelExport values from ParameterSet object to model
importParamSetCreate ParameterSet object
listParamSetList available parameter set files for application
loadParamSetRestore parameter values saved in specified file
saveParamSetSave real-time application parameter values
setSet a parameter value in a ParameterSet object
syncWithAppSync model parameters to real-time application parameters
addParamSetAdd a parameter set to a real-time application
updateStartupParameterSetUpdate the startup parameter set for an application



Parameter Tuning

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