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Create real-time instrument LineStyle object

Since R2022b


An slrealtime.instrument.LineStyle object defines line style properties for a connectLine function.


lineStyle_object = slrealtime.instrument.LineStyle() creates an empty instrument LineStyle object for setting line style properties.

Example: Configure Line Style Properties for connectLine


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Select the line color.

Example: myLineStyle.Color = 'black';

Select the marker character in the line.

Example: myLineStyle.Marker = '*';

Select the marker character size in the line.

Example: myLineStyle.MarkerSize = 4;

Select the line style character.

Example: myLineStyle.Style = '--';

Select the line width

Example: myLineStyle.Width = 1;


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  • You can configure style properties in a LineStyle object and apply the style in the connectLine function.

    mldatxfile = 'slrt_ex_tank.mldatx';
    hInst  = slrealtime.Instrument(mldatxfile);
    myLineStyle = slrealtime.instrument.LineStyle();
    myLineStyle.Marker = '*';
    myLineStyle.MarkerSize = 4;
    myLineStyle.Color = 'black';
    connectLine(hInst,myAxis,'ControlValueOut', ...
        'LineStyle', myLineStyle);

Version History

Introduced in R2022b