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Logic gates for integrated circuits, such as CMOS AND, CMOS OR, and CMOS NOT

Produce a single logic output by combining logic gates that implement Boolean functions.

Simscape Blocks

CMOS ANDBehavioral model of CMOS AND gate
CMOS BufferBehavioral model of CMOS Buffer gate
CMOS NANDBehavioral model of CMOS NAND gate
CMOS NORBehavioral model of CMOS NOR gate
CMOS NOTBehavioral model of CMOS NOT gate
CMOS ORBehavioral model of CMOS OR gate
CMOS XORBehavioral model of CMOS XOR gate
D Flip-FlopBehavioral model of D flip-flop (Since R2024a)
D LatchBehavioral model of D latch (Since R2024a)
S-R LatchBehavioral model of S-R Latch
Schmitt TriggerBehavioral model of Schmitt trigger