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API Reference

Use the REST and MQTT APIs to update ThingSpeak™ channels and to chart numeric data stored in channels

ThingSpeak is an IoT platform that uses channels to store data sent from apps or devices. With the settings described in Channel Configurations, you create a channel, and then send and retrieve data to and from the channel. You can make your channels public to share data. Using the REST API calls such as GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE, you can create a channel and update its feed, update an existing channel, clear a channel feed, and delete a channel. You can also use the MQTT Publish method to update a channel feed and MQTT Subscribe to receive messages when a channel updates. Learn more about when to Choose Between REST API and MQTT API while updating a channel.

MATLAB® analysis and visualization apps enable you to explore and view your channel data. ThingSpeak enables you to interact with social media, web services, and devices.


    Use REST API calls to create and update ThingSpeak channels and charts
    Use the MQTT API to update ThingSpeak channels