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Update world points in world point set

Since R2020b



wpSet = updateWorldPoints(wpSet,pointIndices,worldPoints) updates the locations of the world points at the specified indices pointIndices of the world point set wpSet.


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Generate 3-D world points.

worldPoints = rand(100,3);

Create a worldpointset object.

wpSet = worldpointset;

Add the world points to the world point set.

wpSet = addWorldPoints(wpSet,worldPoints);

Update the first 50 world points with new locations.

pointIndices = 1:50;
newWorldPoints = worldPoints(pointIndices,:) + [0 0 5];
wpSet = updateWorldPoints(wpSet,pointIndices,newWorldPoints);

Input Arguments

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World point set, specified as a worldpointset object.

World point indices, specified as an M-element column vector of integers. M is the number of world points to update in the worldpointset object.

World points coordinates, specified as an M-by-3 matrix in the form [x y z].

Output Arguments

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World point set, returned as a worldpointset object.

Extended Capabilities

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Version History

Introduced in R2020b