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Wireless Testbench

Test wideband wireless systems and perform spectrum monitoring

Wireless Testbench™ enables you to test wideband wireless systems using MATLAB® with a software-defined radio (SDR). You can use your SDR to perform spectrum monitoring with high-speed data capture.

The product provides capabilities such as intelligent signal capture and hardware-based resampling that leverage the FPGA hardware on the SDR. You can specify waveform-specific characteristics to trigger signal capture and analyze the data of interest. You can also transmit and capture custom signals at arbitrary sample rates or standards-based signals (5G and WLAN) at their native sample rates.

Get Started

Learn the basics of Wireless Testbench

Radio Management

Connect and set up SDR hardware

Transmit and Capture

Transmit and capture IQ data over the air for use in simulation, testing, and validation

Spectrum Monitoring

Capture and analyze IQ data from the air using preamble or energy detection

Wireless Testbench Supported Hardware

Support for third-party hardware