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Return HE format PSDU length


psduLength = getPSDULength(cfgHE)



psduLength = getPSDULength(cfgHE) returns the PSDU length for the HE format configuration object.


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Get the PSDU length of single user and multiuser HE configuration objects.

Get Single User PSDU Length

Create a single user HE configuration object. Get and display the PSDU length for the configured object.

hesu = wlanHESUConfig;
psduLength = getPSDULength(hesu)
psduLength = 100

Get Multiuser PSDU Lengths

Create a multiuser HE configuration object with the allocation index set to 5, which configures the object with seven users. Get and displaythe PSDU lengths for the configured object.

hemu = wlanHEMUConfig(5);
psduLength = getPSDULength(hemu)
psduLength = 1×7

   100   100   202   100   100   100   202

Input Arguments

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HE format configuration object, specified as a wlanHEMUConfig or wlanHESUConfig object.

Output Arguments

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PSDU length for the HE format configuration object in bytes, returned as an integer or 1-by-NumUsers vector. NumUsers is an integer in the range [1,74]. For more information about NumUsers, see ruInfo.

Introduced in R2018b