How can I suppress the text output of "feature dumpmem" command?

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When I use the FEATURE command to determine the largest available block of contiguous memory as follows:
I receive the following output,
Module Base In Use Free
======================================================== ======== ======== ========
<anonymous> 00010000 00001000 0000f000
<anonymous> 00020000 00001000 0000f000
<anonymous> 00030000 00003000 0000d000
<anonymous> 00040000 00100000* 00000000
<anonymous> 00140000 00010000 00000000
<anonymous> 00150000 00010000 00000000
<anonymous> 00160000 00016000 0000a000
<anonymous> 00180000 0003d000 00003000
<anonymous> 001c0000 00041000 0000f000
<anonymous> 00210000 00006000 0000a000
Totals 13ab5000 6c54b000
Largest available memory block is 1237188608 bytes (1179.88 MB) located at address 11190000

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 27 Jun 2009
To suppress the text output of the FEATURE command, download the attached files and execute the following code:
[num, str]=memavailable
MEMAVAILABLE returns the numerical number of bytes in NUM, and a string representation in STR.

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