find zero of a custom function

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Paolo on 5 Dec 2013
Commented: Brett Cooper on 16 Nov 2017
Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to use fzero for a custom function written using a script. For example: let us suppose I have defined a function f.m which takes 3 arguments f(x,y,z) I know the values of x and y and I want to find the value of z which returns the value of my function 0,
is it possible to use fzero ? if yes could you post a very simple example?
Thanks you Paolo
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Paolo on 7 Dec 2013
Thanks Walter, just another question about fzero. I am trying to find the zero of the following inline function:
where Pt1=0.999970474084335 zcb=0.005646500819616 rate=0.0056460 tau2=0.99722222222222
yres=fzero(@(y) fun(Pt1,tau2,rate,zcb,y),[0.2,1.0])
but when I go to check the inline functionsubstituting the value of y with yres I get
while I was expecting a value quite close to 0
Any clue?
Thanks Paolo

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John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 7 Dec 2013
First of all, do NOT use inline functions. They are slow, a hack given to us in the days before function handles were provided.
% a better fun. See that since all parameters but
% y are known, the function handle uses those values.
% I could also have written fun as a function of 5
% parameters, and then reduced it to a single variable
% function using a function handle in the call to zero.
fun = @(y) -Pt1+y+(zcb+(rate*tau2*y));
Next, plot the function!!!!!!!!!! Always do this.
grid on
As you can see, there is clearly a root, just under 1.
ysol = fzero(fun,[0,2])
ysol =
ans =
Anyone who claims this was not a root should learn to read scientific notation. So I'm not at all sure what you did wrong, but it looks like you used some inaccurate value in the computation.
Brett Cooper
Brett Cooper on 16 Nov 2017
Hello, would this method also work for a 2D custom function to find its zeros? In my case, I expect the function to be zero on a line...

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 5 Dec 2013
fzero( @(z) f(x, y, z), InitialGuessGoesHere )


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