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Matlab problem using java enumerators

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Paolo on 2 Feb 2014
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021
Hello, I have a problem using java enumerator in Matlab. I tried to use some suggestion available in some references like the Altman book but not in all the situation I have the solution proposed work fine. For example here below there is a case where enumerator created in java I am not able to capture
I have an external jar with the following class
If I see the methods from Matlab, they appear in this way myClass$enumMethods.
In Java, this enumerators have the following properties:
Enclosing class: myClass
public static final class myClass.enumMethods extends Object
Enumeration type for myClass. The following values are allowed: * ENUM_1 * ENUM_2 * ENUM_3
Field Summary: static myClass.EnumMethods ENUM_1 static myClass.EnumMethods ENUM_2 static myClass.EnumMethods ENUM_3
Thank you in advance for the help

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