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How can I get closed loop bode on LTI Viewer, while using SISO design tool?

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Hi Everyone,
I am trying to design a controller using compensator design by following the DC Motor Example. I would like to have the closed loop bode plot in my analysis view, just like in the example (see t=3:15). Unfortunately I could not figure out, how to get it displayed, as I dont find the option.
Can anyone please help me out?
Thanks and Regards,

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Craig on 19 Feb 2014
Hi Karthik,
You can add the analysis plots by going to the "Analysis Plots" tab in the "Controls and Estimation Tools Manager". There you have the option to select the plot type as well as the response you want to plot. If your response is not listed you can use the "Add Response..." button to specify a particular set of IOs.
The following examples may be helpful as well:


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