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Multidimensional array in stateflow

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Fahad Mirza
Fahad Mirza on 31 Mar 2014
Commented: Andre Pfeiffer on 8 Jun 2015
Is it possible to use three or more dimensional array variable in stateflow? For example, I am using a Matlab function by using "Matlab Function" box in stateflow. One of the argument of this function is three dimension (e.g. P). When I call this function from Matlab Workspace by using ml.myFubc(), it takes that three dimension array as argument. But when I try the same code within stateflow Matlab box, it gives errors. Like for a line:
if(x'*P(1:4,1:4,2)*x > 1)
It says (for P): Index expression out of bounds. Attempted to access element 2. The valid range is 1-1.
How can I use three dimension variable in stateflow?
Andre Pfeiffer
Andre Pfeiffer on 8 Jun 2015
Hello Mr. Schlosser
I do have a similiar issue. I am not able to catch a part of the array during simulation time. Maybe the example attached can make clear, what I am trying to do.
Thanks for help in advance!!!

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