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MATLAB 2011a couldn't find Compilers on the computer

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Hi Everyone,
I am trying to use matlab for generating dll for running Co-simulations with MSC ADAMS 2012. I was advised to use this particular version of matlab to avoid compatibility issues.
When I try to set up a compiler with the command mex -setup, I get a message saying "No supported SDK or compiler was found on this computer" and an error message that, the action couldnt be completed successfully.
I have followed the suggestions of both Matlab support and Ken Atwell's post . Neither of them worked.
Interestingly, Matlab 2012b could find one compiler.
Does anyone have an idea, why one version can identify a compiler and the other cannot? Or rather, how can I get a compiler set up on version 2011a?
Any suggestions that would help me in running my co-simulations are welcome.
Thanks and Regards,

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