Separation of low contrast overlapping objects

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Hello, everyone
I have an image which is a result of active contour segmentation that leaked from an organ of interest into another (there is a small contact area with no contrast between the objects). So, there are two objects - generally smooth and circular but with irregularities. The contact area is at most 1/3 the width of the smaller object. I tried: 1) Morphological operations - generally works to separate the objects but the size of the structuring element is large enough (circle of size 9 or so) that upon dilation, it does not return the same mask. 2) Watershed - gives horrible oversegmentation due to objects' irregular shapes. It seems I should be able to do something with the distance transform, though. I know that the smaller object has at least a certain size (basin depth). Also, the boundary between two actual objects is far shorter than that between any basin-like areas within either of the objects
Question: Can you suggest a way to apply this knowledge in a watershed-like segmentation? Would some other approach be preferable?
Thanks in advance, Bogdan

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Piyush Paliwal
Piyush Paliwal on 4 Dec 2011
I have one image of connected chips. I want to Seperate those chips(objects) as much as possible. But i am not able to do it. Could you please give your email contact so i could send to you image. Bcz i didn't find that image on internet.
Thanks in Advance.
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Chandra Kurniawan
Chandra Kurniawan on 4 Dec 2011
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And you can use to upload your image.

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