ASAM XIL interface - No valid ImplementationManifest file found

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Maximilian Dio
Maximilian Dio on 23 Aug 2021
I am trying to connect my computer to a micro autobox (MAB) from dSpace. I want to use the ASAM XIL interface and I am following the following tutorial: untitled (, However when I have no clou what parameters I need to use for the testBench
testBench = tbFactory.CreateVendorSpecificTestbench('dSPACE GmbH', 'XIL API', '2017-A');
I allways get the error message that no ImplementationManifest file is found
Message: Error during loading of the requested Testbench library occurred. [No valid ImplementationManifest file found in the folder:
C:\ProgramData\ASAM\XIL\Implementation.] Vendor Description:
Source: ASAM.XIL.Implementation.TestbenchFactory
By the way there was no folder 'C:\ProgramData\ASAM\XIL\Implementation' I have reated it manually.
Does anyone have experience with this interface or is there maybe another way to alter parameters in the code which runs on the dSpace MAB
Best Regards and Thank you.

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