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SVM classifier for image classification

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I am currently working on an image processing project.I have trained SVM classifier to classify paddy leaf images into 3 categories.What should I do to so that any leaf image other than those corresponding to these three categories when given as input give a result that it doesnt belong to these 3 categories?

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 27 Aug 2021
First of all I'd convert your image into an N-by-3 matrix.
rgbImage = imread('peppers.png');
[r, g, b] = imsplit(rgbImage);
rgbValues = [r(:), g(:), b(:)];
Then I'd use Classification Learner on the Apps tab of the tool ribbon. Tell it to start a new session using your rgbValues from the workspace. Then train it with the SVM classifier of your choice.
Finally, have the Classification Learner export the code to an m-file.
I'm attaching various demos that you might find interesting.
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SWATHY Kakkooth
SWATHY Kakkooth on 27 Aug 2021
My current SVM classifier works well in classifying rice leaf image into 3 categories. My problem is if any other image other than those belonging to these three is inputted how could I give a result that this leaf doesnt belong to those 3 categories?

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