Exponential and Polynomial/ZIP Single phase load in simulink

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Dear All,
I am trying to implement a non liner voltage dependent load model. The load models are exponential and as well as polynomial.
For Instance:
Power = P0 (V/Vo)^np
I have trying to implement this as below:
I want to acheive a non linear (distorted sinewave) current draw as shown below to conduct load flow and harmonic studies.
Haroon Zafar
Haroon Zafar on 20 Sep 2021
Actually I am trying to model non linear load in Simulink. The load has exponential form to represent power dependency on input voltage.
Power = P0 (V/Vo)^np
I tried to implement this model as shown above using a controlled current source that is dependent on calculated power and input voltage ( I=P/V). I was expected a distorted sinusoidal output current to represent load behaviour. But instead I am getting something like this which is not a sinusoidal output.
Can you see any error in my simulink implementation?

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Answers (1)

Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 22 Sep 2021
your absolute value will prevent it from every being truly sinusoidal. The model is outputting exactly the math that you have implemented in Simulink. You need to find a different mathematical representation of your current waveform that does not require a divide by voltage since this is a single phase AC system and voltage will always cross 0.
I think the issue is that you are using a distortion model intended for three phase networks and doing them for a single phase network. If you did this with three phase values you should not have to divide by zero as V is not the instantaneous voltage of any phase, but the overal voltage magnitude of the system.




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