Install a toolbox from command line?

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Tashrif Tashrif
Tashrif Tashrif on 20 Sep 2021
Commented: Steven Lord on 20 Sep 2021
Hi, I am on a RedHat Linux machine. I am using R2020b. How do I install the following package from the command line without graphical interaction?
I understand there are this and this answers but the first one is graphical while the second one is specific to another package.

Answers (1)

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 20 Sep 2021
I would probably use the silent installation process.
Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 20 Sep 2021
Specify the destinationFolder (the first section in the installer_input.txt file) as the directory where your existing installation is located (matlabroot) and specify the new product you want to be installed in that last section.

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