To determine response using ode45 for a time dependent forcing at specific nodes

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function [qdot] = deriv(t,q,A,B)
F(9,1) = 100*sin(100*t); % There are total 7 nodes (4 dof at each node). I want to apply these 2 forces
F(10,1) = 100*cos(100*t); % at 3rd node in x and y direction
qdot = A*q +B*F ; % state space eqn - A - 56x56 | q - 56x1 | B - 56x28 | F - 28x1 (all zeroes except 9th/10th row)
% How to write this time dependent force vector the way I have
% written is not correct. In simple
% system we used to directly write
% the force eqn. But in this
% assembled system I dont know how
% to proceed the way I have written
% is not showing any error but it is
% incorrect as I am getting weird
% response.
% All the matrix A B are pre defined and are constant. Force vector is a
% function of time (28x1) with only two values in 9th and 10th row. How to incorporate this in the state space eqn ?
options = odeset;
time = time';
response = C*q';
I am doing FEM formulation of a rotordynamics problem. Please help me regarding this.
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Jan on 22 Sep 2021
You forgot to mention, what the problem is.
Currently you call deriv from inside itself. This recursion is not wanted.

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