Possible bug in fitrm within subject parameter declaration?

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in building my repeated measures model for a factorial manova experiment (using matlab's manova function), there seems to be an issue when declaring a repeated measures model for the fitrm function. I have tested using the
function the rank of each of the dependent variables and independent variables, and all have results in a rank of greater than 1, thus equalling the number of columns.
However, for some bizzarre reason, when I set up my table using the following code:
...and I declare the fitrm model as:
Value=table([1:nc]','VariableNames',{'SolID'}); % nc is the total number of cases/observations in the study, meaing also its the row size of t (the table)
rm = fitrm(t,'y1-y3~hp+N+Engine+Ncvx+Traj+Wnw',Name,Value);
I get the following error with fitrm:
Error using RepeatedMeasuresModel.fit (line 1347)
The between-subjects design must have full column rank.
Error in fitrm (line 77)
s = RepeatedMeasuresModel.fit(ds,model,varargin{:});
Error in manova_test_doe2 (line 32)
rm = fitrm(t,'y1-y3~hp+N+Engine+Ncvx+Traj+Wnw',Name,Value);
Perhaps I am misunderstanding the requirement or perhaps the error is poorly written- because I am fairly sure it is not an issue of column rank. I've gone the extra step to set all NaN values to something that is greater than 0 or completely removed them from the analysis, but that won't do anything as well.

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