Problems opening documentation examples in Matlab Online

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I have access to Matlab Online via a Matlab Home license.
Issue: Many example scripts/LiveScripts in Matlab docs do not open in the Online session
Steps causing error:
1) Connect to Matlab Online
2) Look up something in the Help box --> Documentation window pops up
3) Drill down until "Open in Matlab Online" button shows and click
4) Matlab Online prompts to disconnect existing session and open up a new one: Selecting No means progress is stopped. Selecting Yes kills the existing Online session and opens a new one
5a) Occasionally, a LiveScript comes up and can be run
5b) This issue: More often, I'll be taken to a Cloud Directory with a Livescript in it but the script will not load. If 5a) does work once, a subsequent lookup will fail as described. Sample error on manually loading LiveScript from the Cloud Directory:
/MATLAB Drive/Examples/R2021b/matlab/CreateDatastoreforTextDataExample
Double click on CreateDatastoreforTextDataExample.mlx
Error using open (line 143)
Failed to open MATLAB Editor.
Expected behavior:
A) Matlab Online recognizes that the request comes from a valid Matlab Online session and opens the script within that session. Losing a session and workspace to try a documentation example does not make sense. This does not happen in the Desktop Home Edition, for example
B) If the session has to be killed and a new one started, that the new session will run the requested script or LiveScript
Thigs I have tried:
  • Searched the Answers site with a few different terms
  • Clearing browser cache and cookies + restarting
  • Disabling all ad and script blockers
  • Reproduced on Edge, Firefox, Vivaldi (Chrome based), Safari
  • Compared to Home Edition Desktop behavior
Shruti Ajay Singh
Shruti Ajay Singh on 21 Nov 2021
I tried opening a new session of Matlab online and it worked for me! I suggest you try the same.

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