concatenating elements of cell

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NAVNEET NAYAN on 30 Sep 2021
Answered: Bryant Lash on 30 Sep 2021
I have a data in 300-by-1 cells and each cell contains 500-by-1 single value. How can I make it 1) two 150-by-500 matrix containing these single values and place in 2 cells and 2) a cell containing 300-by-500 single values?
I am able to concatenate 3 or 4 cells manually, but how can I do it for 300 cells?
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Bryant Lash
Bryant Lash on 30 Sep 2021
If you want to do it in a pretty brutish way you can do this
[cellData{300,1}] = [1:500]'; %initialize cellData
matrixedData = [cellData{:}]'; %gives you a 300X500
problem1mat1 = matrixedData(1:150,:);
problem1mat2 = matrixedData(151:300,:);
problem2 = {matrixedData};

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