Simulink: how to import external jar file

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I am using the MATLAB fcn block in Simulink for some custom function I've in Matlab. My question is the following:
is it possible to use the same Matlab Fcn block, to create a custom matlab function which uses methods available in an external jar file; for example, in matlab i can import the package available in a jar file and uses the classes and methods available here. Is it possible to do with Simulink..if yes, can you tell me how to do it?
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Accepted Answer

Salini S Nair
Salini S Nair on 4 Oct 2021
I understand that you want to import a JAR file to Simulink and use the methods available in it. The following MATLAB answer explains how you can achieve this functionality using the Level 2 MATLAB S-function block in Simulink: Is it possible to call JAVA code from within Simulink? - MATLAB Answers - MATLAB Central ( It is not advisable to perform this using the Embedded MATLAB function block since it does not support the use of ‘import’ function as mentioned in the above link.

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