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connecting 6 phase PMSM with IGBT(simscape)

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The ports of 6 phase PMSM model are 3 phases combined and i cannot connect the igbt output to a mux/bus creator to attach it to the input to the PMSM.
I have tried using the PS-simulink converter just after the IGBT to the bus creator that doen't work either.
I don't want to use the already existing 3 phase converters available in simscape is there any other solution to this?

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Jonas on 4 Oct 2021
Do you want to use the PMSM (Six-Phase) block of Simscape? It has an ABC and XYZ port. I think you should combine three outputs of your 6-phase inverter using the Phase Splitter block, and another three using anther Phase Splitter block. Then link these two signals to the ABC and the XYZ input port of the motor.
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Syed Mohammad Maaz
Syed Mohammad Maaz on 4 Oct 2021
I understand
I had no idea that we can use the phase spliiter in the opposite direction as well current wise

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