Simulink Signal and Physical Signal

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I am new to Simulink although I'd been using Matlab for a long time. I am planning to use the Simhydraulic package.
I have two questions:-
1) I keep seeing demos having these Simulink signal to Physical signal thingies and I have totally no idea what that is for;
2) How do I simulate a constant pressure, say 250 psi?
Thank you all for your help!!

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Guy Rouleau
Guy Rouleau on 2 Sep 2011
You should be able to find what you need in the doc:
1. During Runtime, the Simscape engine combine all the components in your physical network into one big set of equations. You can see the S->PS and PS->S as the entry and exit point of this big set of equations.
A simpler way to see that... you can consider these blocks as a way to convert a unitless signal(in Simulink) into a signal with units (in Simscape), and vice-varse. More details here:
2. Using a ideal pressure source. The pressure source will generate as much flow as necessary to maintain the desired pressure:

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