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Problem with anfis CLUSTERING

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khaild on 3 Sep 2014
Commented: Michael Bamidele on 28 May 2024
Hello all, I am trying to use genfis2 to create a FIS structure to be used by ANFIS. I am working with a set of data that is 3000x3. The first 2 columns are the inputs for genfis2 and last column is the output. Below is how I am using the genfis2 command, in_fis = genfis2(Xin,Xout,radii)
from what I understand, radii is a vector that determines the range of a cluster and xbounds are the min/max (to normalize the data) values in each column of data correct? Why am I getting "Warning: Rank deficient, rank = 0, tol = NaN. > In genfis2 at 179"
Start training ANFIS ...
1 -1.#IND
2 1.#QNAN
85 1.#QNAN
Designated epoch number reached --> ANFIS training completed
??? Error using ==> evalfismex Illegal parameters in fisGaussianMF() --> sigma = 0
Error in ==> evalfis at 84 [output,IRR,ORR,ARR] = evalfismex(input, fis, numofpoints);
Is it my input thats messed, anyone have any sage advice? Thank you.
khaild on 5 Sep 2014
there is no one to help me
Michael Bamidele
Michael Bamidele on 28 May 2024
If you had shown a part of your data it would have made it easier to debug. But it seems you have NaN (Not a Number) occurences which might mean your data had issues.

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