how can use imfill for an image to give me a same result every time?

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Hi I want to imfill an image.I want to use imfill to give me a Same result every time
but when I use imfill it wants me to select some points on this image and it Causes Different result.
Is there any way for this to give me a same result every time?

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Matt J
Matt J on 5 Sep 2014
Edited: Matt J on 5 Sep 2014
See the imfill documentation for more syntaxes that don't require interactive input,
BW2 = imfill(BW)
[BW2,locations] = imfill(BW)
BW2 = imfill(BW,locations)
BW2 = imfill(BW,'holes')
I2 = imfill(I)
BW2 = imfill(BW,locations,conn)
sara on 5 Sep 2014
yes Image Analyst
when I put my image in the folder that my code saved I did not any error after run my code. thanks Matt
thanks Image Analyst
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 5 Sep 2014
That doesn't make sense. There is an image on disk, and then a bunch of images in memory. For you to have even gotten to a point in your code where you've created a BW variable, you must have already successfully read in your image from the file in your folder into a variable in your program. Then you thresholded it to get BW - BW is in your program memory, not in the folder. So that could not have been the problem.

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