FFT analysis using powergui in simulink

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Bathala Teja
Bathala Teja on 20 Oct 2021
I have done 3 set of ode calculation in matlab and got result of 3 waveforms.
I used ode45 for calculation so the time step is not constant.
I got 1850 time samples within the interval 0 to 1sec and 1850 samples of each of 3 outputs.
Now i want to do fft analysis of these 3 waveforms.
For extracting the output data to simulink i generated one more m.file as given below,
I1 = [t y(:, 1)];
I2 = [t y(:, 2)];
I3 = [t y(:, 3)];
[since in workspace t = 1850*1, y = 1850*3]
And used workspace block in simulink like below
i logged the scope data to workspace in scope settings.
After running the model, got below waveform in scope.
I opened FFT analysis option in powergui block. I expected I1 waveform in that block but it is not showing any waveform.
What is reason behind this?

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