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remove rows in table based on criteria across two columns

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How do I remove rows based on whether or not a substring in one column matches with a number in a second column according to a pre-defined criteria?
The criteria;
80ms,140ms & 1
100ms,250ms & 2
250ms,600ms & 3
600ms,900ms & 4
An example of the data below. I want to delete the rows below where 250ms,600ms is in the first column and the number in the second column is a number other than 3, and delete rows where 100ms,250ms is in the first column and a number other than 2 is in the second column.
'CG_11_21_250ms,600ms_CPR' 1
'CG_11_21_250ms,600ms_CPR' 2
'CG_11_21_250ms,600ms_CPR' 3
'CG_11_21_250ms,600ms_CPR' 4
'CG_12_22_100ms,250ms_FCL' 1
'CG_12_22_100ms,250ms_FCL' 2
'CG_12_22_100ms,250ms_FCL' 3
'CG_12_22_100ms,250ms_FCL' 4

Accepted Answer

Turlough Hughes
Turlough Hughes on 3 Nov 2021
Edited: Turlough Hughes on 3 Nov 2021
Try the following:
T(contains(string(T{:,1}),'80ms,140ms') & T{:,2} ~= 1,:) = [];
T(contains(string(T{:,1}),'100ms,250ms') & T{:,2} ~= 2,:) = [];
T(contains(string(T{:,1}),'250ms,600ms') & T{:,2} ~= 3,:) = [];
T(contains(string(T{:,1}),'600ms,900ms') & T{:,2} ~= 4,:) = [];
DavidL88 on 5 Nov 2021
Hi Turlough,
Could you advise how I can adapt your code to this table to delete according to two strings? In the adaptation below I outline the two conditions to remove the row but I get this 'Operator '&' is not supported for operands of type 'string'.'
T(contains(string(T{:,2}),'11_right') & string(T{:,3}),'earlyP3') = [];
T(contains(string(T{:,2}),'21_right') & string(T{:,3}),'earlyP3') = [];

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More Answers (1)

DavidL88 on 3 Nov 2021
Thanks for your reply. I'm getting this error?
Error using contains
First argument must be a string array, character vector, or cell array of character vectors.

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