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Change centre frequency of "RF Blockset Models for Analog Devices RF Transceivers".

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I am simulating Analog Devices RF AD9361 transmitter toolbox module. The design shown in Modelling and Simulating Analog Devices’ RF Transceivers with MATLAB and RF Blockset (@ 23:26 minute) has Peak value at 2.14 GHz for the same reference model provided from Mathworks I am geeting peak at 0 Hz. (i.e the transmission is still happening at baseband and not at passband frequency). How can I get this same spectrum at 2.4GHz RF frequency (i.e How can I set centre frequency to 2.4GHz)?
Can somebody help me in solving this problem?
Here I have also attached the photo of my result for your reference.
S_Rajashree on 16 Nov 2021
I want to transmit signal with 2.4 GHz carrier frequency.
Even if I Change carrier frequency 0 to 2.4GHz in "inport_I and / or inport_Q"option in ad9361_tx>RF_TX block, there is no effect on spectrum or on output of transmitted signal, So how will I know that signal is transmitted with 2.4 GHz carrier?
I have one more question, everytime I run simulation the trasnmitter output and receiver output are different than tranmisster input.
I mean sometimes the Tx_input real term matches with Tx_output imaginary term with delay and reverse happens for TX_input imaginary and sometimes Tx_input real term mateches with inverted delayed Tx_imaginary output term and vice versa for TX_input imaginary term.
I want to know what is the reason for this?
I have attached simulink file.

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