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Question about matricies in Matlab

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Let's say that I have these three vectors:
x1=[9 6 9]';
x2=[0 2]';
x3=[3 1 2]'
Is it possitble to work with these in Matlab in something resembeling a matrix? Perhaps by turning the second vector into:
x2=[0 2 ~]
I don't want to add a zero to the second vector since that would add a datapoint that shouldn't exist.

Accepted Answer

Paul on 14 Nov 2021
You'll have to fill in the last spot ox x2 with something if you want to combine x1, x2, and x3 into a single matrix. The value you choose would depend on what the matrix will be used for. One option is to fill with not-a-number (NaN)
x1=[9 6 9]';
x2=[0 2]';
x3=[3 1 2]';
X = [x1 [x2;nan] x3]
X = 3×3
9 0 3 6 2 1 9 NaN 2

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