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Surface Integral over a Triangular Flat Plane

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VolaLuna on 14 Nov 2021
Commented: VolaLuna on 17 Nov 2021
Hello !
Can anyone guide/provide me for the calculation of surface of a triangular flat plane as it is seen on the figure ?
I would like to use this integral coding while calculation surface current.
Thanks in advance.
Figure :

Answers (1)

Pavan Guntha
Pavan Guntha on 17 Nov 2021
You could have a look at the documentation page of integral2 function which describes how to Integrate Triangular Region with Singularity at the Boundary.
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VolaLuna on 17 Nov 2021
Dear Pavan ,
Thank you for your answer, i really appreciate.
However, is there any chance of explaining me how to use this function when a = 0.2m , b=0.75m ?
I am pretty confused about creating grade for this values as well , all helps are appreciated by heart.
Thanks in advance.

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