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'BarrierParamUpdate' is not an option for FMINCON on only other PC's

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Im currently working on a mpc based on a fmincon. The code is atm taking 50 seconds to predict a angle for laser forming.
When running the many times a day, i wanted to short'n it, and used this Matlab website:
It suggest:
Other options that affect the solution time include:
  • fmincon 'interior-point' algorithm — Try setting the BarrierParamUpdate option to 'predictor-corrector'.
On GOOGLE i searched for fmincon and openened the "help" page:
but in Matlab help there is no "BarrierParamUpdate option"
i made the option as followed:
options = optimoptions('fmincon',"ConstraintTolerance",1e-6,'BarrierParamUpdate','predictor-corrector');
This made my code runtime go down to only 25 seconds.
When my project mates is trying to open the code and run on their pc, it says an error called:
Error using optimoptions (line 115) 'BarrierParamUpdate' is not an option for FMINCON. A list of options can be found on the FMINCON documentation page.
Error in MPC (line 16) options = optimoptions('fmincon',"StepTolerance",1e-6,'BarrierParamUpdate', 'predictor-corrector');
Error in studentCode (line 140) [LP(i),n(i)] = MPC(S(i),OEV(i)); Error in TestAfStudentcode (line 5)
Where studentCode is our "main" that calls the MPC
So in conclusion, there is to errors:
  1. The website based help for fmincon is different from the app based help.
  2. The only works on my pc, even after cloning exact files to other pc
I know there is a lot of information, but i hope for help
Gustav Villadsen
Gustav Villadsen on 9 Dec 2021
Thank you, this solves one of the problems. Is there any way you can forward the error from different help descriptions on fmincon?
Im running 2021a on my pc, but dont see all the new functions added.
Priyanka Kondapalli
Priyanka Kondapalli on 8 Feb 2022
Can you please provide us with more details on what help descriptions will help you

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