Translating matlab to python

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Jonas Freiheit
Jonas Freiheit on 19 Dec 2021
Hi All,
I would like to translate the following program which combines the second row all column data from excel files in a folder into a single excel file as a matrix. However, I was wondering how I best can translate this matlab program to python?
fileDir = cd;
outfile = 'OUT.xlsx'; % output file name
fileNames = dir(fullfile(fileDir,'*.CSV')); % get list of files in directory
fileNames_sorted = natsortfiles({}); % sort file names into order (
M= length (fileNames_sorted);
second_col= [];
for f = 1:M
% option # 1 for numeric data only using importdata
raw = importdata( fullfile(fileDir, fileNames_sorted{f}));
second_col= [second_col raw(:,2)]; % extract the second column
% write all second columns lines into a matrix and store it in excel file

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