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Difference between simscape block and its help

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While reading the documentation for the "Variable Orifice ISO 6358 (G)" block, I noticed that its Help's page describes a slightly different block than the actual Simscape one.
For example, it mentions unavailable paramaters such as the "Opening parameterization" which doesn't exist in the actual block. On the contrary, the actual block includes parameters not mentionned in the help, such as the "Smoothing factor".
Not really an issue, but I figure you'd like to know.

Answers (1)

Sulaymon Eshkabilov
Sulaymon Eshkabilov on 27 Dec 2021
No, the documentation is compatible with the block - [variable orifice] block of Simscape toolbox. It looks like that you are using a different version of Simscape.
Joris Naudin
Joris Naudin on 28 Dec 2021
I am using R2021b, isn't it the last version ?
Joris Naudin
Joris Naudin on 29 Dec 2021
How can I check the version of Simscape and update if necessary ? The Matlab's update manager says there is no update available.

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