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How to perform arithmetic operation that would affect all variables in a folder at once

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There are 5 variables in a folder (crate1, crate2, crate3, crate4, crate5). Each of these variables have 3 sub-variables inside them. The 3 sub-variables have same names but different values, for all the variables. For example, crate1 has month, time, date. Crate2 also has month, time, date. And so on up to crate5... The task needed is to divide sub-variables (only month and time) by 0.5, for all the variables crate1 to crate5... Instead of doing it manually one after other, is there a way I could do for all at same time?
Stephen23 on 29 Dec 2021
"The task needed is to divide sub-variables (only month and time) by 0.5..."
Multiplying by two is probably clearer.
Ayobami Meadows
Ayobami Meadows on 29 Dec 2021
Truly correct. But also understand that these are not the actual values of the task. I just create these samples to clearly demonstrate what I need to fulfill the main task with the original values.

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Accepted Answer

Matt J
Matt J on 28 Dec 2021
Edited: Matt J on 28 Dec 2021
For scalar variables,
month = arrayfun(@(s) load(, S)/0.5;
time = arrayfun(@(s) load(, S)/0.5;
EDIT: For non-scalar variables,
month = cell2mat( arrayfun(@(s) load(, S','uni',0) )/0.5;
time = cell2mat(arrayfun(@(s) load(, S','uni',0) )/0.5;

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