Matlab triggeres sandboxd in macOs

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Mats on 29 Dec 2021
Commented: Mats on 19 Jan 2022
Running matlab 2021b on MacOs 11.6 (Big Sur) on an intel i7 macbook pro and sandboxd appears frequently making matlab extremely slow. Is there a fix for this as the only short term solution is killing sandboxd and that does not seem like a long term viable solution.

Accepted Answer

Priyanka Kondapalli
Priyanka Kondapalli on 3 Jan 2022
This is a known issue and our teams are working on it. As a workaround you can follow the below steps:
To open MATLAB from the terminal, open a Terminal window (/Applications/Utilities/ and run the following command:
Where $MATLAB is the path to your MATLAB directory. For example, if you are using MATLAB R2021b and have installed MATLAB in the default directory, the command will be:
Mats on 19 Jan 2022
That solved it for me in a good way.

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