Gurobi mex file cannot be found despite it being clearly there

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I have downloaded Gurobi 9.5.0 along with its license (academic). I am unsure if this is a gurobi side issue or if its MATLAB, but whenever I try to use Gurobi with YALMIP, or even just run the setup for the paths, I get the following error:
Error using gurobi_setup (line 89)
Invalid MEX-file 'C:\gurobi950\win64\matlab\gurobi.mexw64': The specified module could not be found.
What is odd is that the mex file is called exactly the same name as specified in the error, and has the exact same path.
Jan on 2 Dec 2022
@Bharath Attoti: Yes, look in the section for answers below to find a tool to determine which module is missing. It might be a runtime of the compiler. Then install this missing library.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 2 Dec 2022
I agree, missing runtime library. It might possibly be something like a Visual C runtime library. It might possibly be that some code needed to be compiled but has not been compiled. It might possibly be that the needed runtime library file already exists but is for an incompatible version such as if it were a 32 bit version; if so then it would need to be recreated.

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Answers (1)

Jan on 4 Jan 2022
Use the Dependency Walker to find out, which library is missing:
This might be the runtime libraries of the compiler.


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