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pop-up menu (GUI,guide)

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Tahani Alajmi
Tahani Alajmi on 10 Jan 2022
Commented: Tahani Alajmi on 10 Jan 2022
I have a school project, I need to use Matlab GUI to create a calculator and unit converter i used Guide
I have a problem in unit conversion code, I keep getting the error "Unknown function or 'main list' variable."
and nothing appears in the output screen.
I appreciate the help, thanks in advance for your time.
i'll attach the code

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 10 Jan 2022
if mainList=='temperature'
if innerList1=='Celsius'
if innerList2=='Fahrenheit'
mainList_options = handles.mainList.String;
mainList_value = handles.mainList.Value;
innerList1_options = handles.innerList1.String;
innerList1_value = handles.innerList1.Value;
innerList2_options = handles.innerList2.String;
innerList2_value = handles.innerList2.Value;
%at this point you really should check to be sure that the _value
%variables are not empty: if they are then it means nothing has been
%selected in that list.
%check for empty here
mainList = string( mainList_options{mainList_value} );
innerList1 = string( innerList1_options{innerList1_value} );
innerList2 = string( innerList2_options{innerList2_value} );
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Tahani Alajmi
Tahani Alajmi on 10 Jan 2022
Thank you for responsing to my question.
Can you please explain more on how can i check if the var are empty or not?
i added the options on the pop-up menu in the guide window do i need to add it somewhere else?

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