Arguments of Reshape function with example

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Hi everyone. I am completely new to matlab and struggling with the syntax.
A = [1 2; 3 4; 5 6]
reshape(A, [1,6])
reshape(A, [1 6])
Both the reshape gives similar kind of result. I am confused with the syntax. Please explain me the syntax and working of reshape.
Suppose, if I put
reshape (A, [1 2]) then I will start getting errors.
Suppose I have a colored image of 64x64.

Accepted Answer

KSSV on 18 Jan 2022
A = [1 2; 3 4; 5 6] ;
% this is a 3*2 matrix
reshape(A, [1,6])
reshape(A, [1 6])
% Both the above commands are same. whether you put , in [1 6] or not mean the same.
reshape (A, [1 2]) % this will definetly throw error, becuase you can reshape 3*2 = 6 elements into 1*2 = 2 elements.
You have 64*64 colored image, what exactly you want to do with it?
KSSV on 18 Jan 2022
input_image_3D = imread('./Images/Image_64x64.jpg'); % this reads an image
data= input_image_3D(:, : ,1); % this extracts first channel/ Red channel/ first matrix of mxnx3
In the above : means all, i.e. all the rows and all the columns. First position is rows and second position is columns.
data= reshape(testingReadFile1,[64 64 3])); % this reshapes an array into 64x64x3.
output = data(1:64, 1:64, 1:3); % this is nothing but saving array data into other array variable output
% the above can be simply written as
output = data ;
Manu Chaudhary
Manu Chaudhary on 18 Jan 2022
Thank you Stephen and KSSV for sharing such great links and answering my all questions. I am highly thankful to you for your generous help and support.

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