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Books on Matlab Symbolic

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David Koenig
David Koenig on 4 Feb 2022
Commented: David Koenig on 8 Nov 2023
I bought my first Matlab in 1989 (a 5 inch floppy disc) and have been using it constantly ever since. Being a Matlab author I get regular updates. I have an early manual (published in 1993) on how to use symbolic but it is terribly out of date. Just today I discovered the function coeffs which shortens my analysis time considerably. It wan't mentioned in my 1993 hardcopy manual. I have a sinking feeling that there have been a lot of great improvements and extensions that I could be using. Therefore, are there any textbooks out there on this subject? I am particularly interested in Kindle versions because at my advanced age I need the large fonts.

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Moksh on 8 Nov 2023
Hi David,
I understand that you want to catch up on the latest changes made in the subject of “MATLAB Symbolic”.
There are a few books available on this. You can use the following links to take a look at them and they are also available in Kindle versions on amazon.
You can also refer to the following website to filter through different books according to your requirements:
Hope this information helps.
Best Regards,
Moksh Aggarwal


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