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How to plot multiple plots in a loop ?

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Negar on 4 Dec 2014
Commented: Negar on 4 Dec 2014
Hello all,
I want to plot 2 graphs in each loop so that they will appear in two separate figures, with consecutive number order, I mean: after first looping: figure 1, figure 2. After second looping: figure 3, figure 4 and so on. How do I achieve that? I tried to make the code as follows,
if true
for i = 1:3
plot (something);
figure(i+1) plot (something else);
but I get the order as : figure(1), figure(2), figure(2), figure(3), figure(3), figure(4) !!

Accepted Answer

Adam on 4 Dec 2014
for i = 1:3
figure(2*i - 1); plot( something );
figure(2*i); plot( somethingElse );

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